Orphan Sunday


Ya. Today is a special day because its Orphan Sunday. Sadly, most churches aren’t aware of this or simple just don’t talk about it..

Deanna Wallace says this “God, the Father of all fatherless, adopts us into His family and gives us a place to belong, an inheritance and an identity. Orphan Sunday declares that every orphan from all corners of the world needs a family to belong to, an inheritance and an identity.” A to the men!

Some good Pastor friends of ours in Georgia asked us to put together a short little video on our hearts for Adoption for this special day. This was the 3rd time shooting it.  First it was lighting issues. Then, their were kid issues, like the sounds of them chasing each other with a sword and grapes…?? I know, strange. It just wasn’t the background music we were looking for. HA . Be near Lord.

Power of our words



I’ve wanted to be a mommy from an early age, as young as I can remember. Like many women, I would day dream about being pregnant. I would imagine what my children would look like, surely they would look just like me. NOPE:( I would dream of reading countless books to them, fixing their hair, playing softball out in the backyard, beach trips, and all things fun.  I wanted nothing more than to be a mommy and to experience that kind of love.

I never thought about if something went wrong. My children struggling in any way never crossed my mind. Everything was picture perfect.

My oldest daughter is 10 years old and has been very active since day 1.  I just wrote it off as being very outgoing and typical toddler behavior. Now that she is older and in school, we had started noticing issues with lack of focus, not following directions, comprehension and falling very behind in school with a couple dozen more issues. What we had been writing off as immature or being “quirky” was becoming something we had to address. We had to finally realize something is a little “off” and we are going to confront it and take some action. I’m not here to rattle off a bunch of symptoms only to spook you and then you get yourself on the internet and start reading articles and then diagnose your child with 3 different things as you climb into fetal position. I’m so guilty of that, OMG its happened too many times.

My conversations with my husband now daily involve the words, ADD, ADHD, learning disorder, dyslexic, medication, IEP, occupational therapy, neurological specialist, developmental specialist and that list goes on. So many labels being thrown around. I think for some, they are a godsend. For others, they are a stigmatizing opinion.  I go from heartbreak to gratitude that we somewhat know what is going on. I realize that for her to get the help she needs like therapy and special classes that we have to have an official label.

Those labels, though. Dangerous. That’s where I get stuck. Wanting to know, but then wanting to forget. Since starting this journey I am way more aware of my words.

“Focus on your schoolwork! You’re so easily distracted.”

“Your being very immature, you need to act your age”

“She’s my add daughter.”

“She’s the one who struggles”

“Why are you so difficult?”


Use a label long enough and our kids are going to start believing it and then owning it believing that’s how God made them, it’s who they are and it will always be that way.  Even if it’s true, its damaging and it certainly is not Gods way. Proverbs 18:21 says that our words either give life or death. I like all of you mommas want to speak life into my daughter and I will be honest and say it’s going to take effort to think before I just spew out nastiness, but talk to her like she is a daughter of a King, a child of God. As mommas we get the high calling of being the voice our kids hear the most while they are little. “Speaking life is naming out loud the things that you believe your child is becoming…even if they aren’t “there” yet.” And All the praise hands here, right? I wrote this down in church years ago from my Pastor. I LOVE IT!!!

Speaking life is full of love, grace and a confidence that God is doing an amazing great work in our child’s life. God has an amazing plan for my child and yours, one so much greater than we can even imagine. His plans are to prosper them and to give them hope and a future. I looked up “prosper” online and some other words for it are to thrive, prevail and triumph. YES, Lord!! Sounds like some serious victory talk, right?!  Mommas, it starts with us and our words. They will become what you tell them they will be. Even if it starts small, maybe today, just hold them and look at them in their eyes and speak life. 

The future is blessed for my child. — “For I know the plans I have for you, ” says the Lord, They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

My child lives under a heavy anointing. -Isaiah 10:27

Season of change



I like stability. I do not like change. I like sameness. Is that even a word?? Mr. Webster said it’s a word so I’m gonna roll with it. There is something comfortable and safe with things that stay the same.  There is not anything comfortable and safe with things that change. I do NOT like change. I despise it. I loathe it. I have very little to 0 tolerance for it. Can I get a witness????  I can see praise hands now in the air from all my control freak mommas out there!

I think there is significance in the SAME.

My close girlfriends and I try to go to Starbucks for coffee often, like once a week.  We would love to go once a day, but we have these responsibilities called children and we kinda like them.

We tend to go to the same one every time. There is nothing different or special about this certain Starbucks except for the conversations that happen. We have laughed, cried, vented and chatted about everything from bodily function issuesJ to our finds in the dollar section at Target to eyelash extensions to our favorite worship song at the moment to the bachelorette and so much more. We have shared our past, our pain and our struggles. It is a come as you are even in your crazy and a no shame zone. What happens in that spot is so very significant and its life giving.

Now, let me update you on current life or the past 6 months. It started off with a good finish to the school year, our first year at a new school and we were in love. Summer is here, YEAAAH. Suns out, shoulders out. (I don’t wear shorts really, so I had to change that saying and I love me some tanks) Your welcome. Ready for swim parties and bbqs and late night shenanigans.

And then IT happened. Change, change, change and then more change. Jesus, take the wheel.

One by one, good friends started informing me they weren’t coming back this next school year. These were people who I had just completed our 1st year of school with and when I say “our” I’m talking about my daughter’s school. Not me, I’m almost 40 and don’t do school, nobody has time for that. Trust in the Lord on that. We had built precious solid friendships in just a year and there was pretty much an arranged marriage for my oldest daughter already and now they are leaving. Boo

Then, I find out the school secretary who I bonded with in like 4 minutes and is like my older sister that I never had, she isn’t coming back this next school year.  And 2 of her sweet daughters who I just fell in love with instantly graduated this year and had to get all responsible and obedient to God as they felt called to a college about 3 hours away. THAT was not the plan initially. RUDE

Then we had changes with our 2 year old daughter, who just turned 3, but it feels like she skipped ahead 3 more years. In two month’s time, she gave up her paci, went into a big girl bed, she potty trained like a rock star, even through the night. Had I known it would have happened so quick and that ONE diaper would have been the last, there is a good chance I would have saved it. Precious. She decided her little doggy pillow wasn’t good enough and wanted a big girl pillow, she stopped relying on me to put her shoes on, she pretty much became an olympic swimmer all of a sudden and she quit biting kids. Oh and she starts preschool. Don’t think for a minute I didn’t tell her teacher she is used to about 92 kisses a hour!  FOR THE LOVE, what is happening?!??!!?!?!?????

About a month ago is when the big one happened and it happened fast. Bless my heart! My husband’s brother and his wife and 3 kids moved to California in 2002 which was the same time we moved here from Georgia. My husband and his brother both served in the military at the same time and both of our families were stationed in Georgia, although different duty stations. A little background about my sister in law and myself is that we met actually when we were 14 years old, long before we met the “brothers”. We instantly became best friends and knew we would always be in each other’s lives. Ok, fast forward to a month ago. About 3 weeks ago my husband’s brother and wife informed us they were moving to Idaho after a lot of prayer and seeking the Lord for His will. My heart about fell apart. I knew this was gonna just devastate my oldest who is 10 because she was losing her best friend, her cousin. I was losing that friend that I had grown up doing life with for 25 years.  We had walked through so much together and God is so good that he still orchestrated our lives to fall in love with brothers and still be sister in lives after all. The memories started to flood my mind. The night we met, yes we met and I went to stay the night at her house that night and did’nt leave for 3 days, our culotte wearing days, the night that God got a hold of us youth and she got on top of a table and started shouting and preaching, the southern gospel concerts we were obsessed with that I don’t expect anybody else in this universe to understand, our weddings, taco Tuesdays, birth of our babies, birthday parties, that purple pick that has been used in one too many heads that you still have 25 years later, too many good memories to list. Oh, and if you don’t know what a pick for your hair is, look it up and then confess and then run to nearest Walgreens and get yourself one.  It’s the greatest thing on this planet.

The moving day came and all of us met at their house and helped them load up. I’m talking Grandparents, 4 sets of uncle and aunts and 13 cousins. We took pictures, we cried, we prayed and we read Psalm 121 and sent them with our blessing and love. It was a beautiful scene because clearly there was so much love there, but honestly I wish I could undo it in my mind. The tears that came from each child was on another level. My precious girl was sobbing, not the silent kind, she doesn’t know about how to cry silentlyJ She was sobbing as she said her goodbyes and my heart was feeling straight up discouraged.

What else Lord? I know that none of the changes I had experienced was really that life altering, but yet my heart felt like something was dying.

It was that sameness, the comfortableness that I had grown used too. Maybe a part of me even thought if God is letting all this happen, then what next? What else is coming my way God? Am I able to handle it? Ohhh the vulnerability is so much to handle. Have you ever been here?

Fear has made itself home in so much of my life and honestly it’s really not vibing good with me anymore and who God wants me to be and His plans for me. So, rather than viewing all these changes as a threat or questioning God, I can use this as another opportunity to put my trust in God, continue to proclaim His goodness and remember that “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” thank you Kelly Clarkson for that song, I’m your biggest fangirl! Life is going to throw us changes and its up to us as to how we respond.

God holds our world in His hands and whether its change or sameness that we are walking through, God stays the same yesterday, today and forever. God remains.

James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change from shifting shadows.




A God moment and a baby bottle


my Skylar

My Skylar


My youngest daughter was barely 3 weeks old. My oldest daughter was doing schoolwork and my husband was already back to work. I was recovering from a c-section and trying to function on a few hours of broken up sleep. I was convinced I was going crazy because I found myself bawling at the thought of starting over with a baby when our oldest was 7 years old. We were in the process of adopting a toddler who was sleeping through the night and not in diapers. Did I mention we had been trying to conceive for 14 years? Imagine my disappointment, guilt and shame with myself at thinking these thoughts when this precious baby was what I had pleaded and begged God for. Then, there was the breastfeeding thing. I, honestly hated it. I knew all the benefits of it and wanted to love it, but I didn’t.

Once again, I sat there reeking of shame.

It was feeding time and everybody on our street knew it. Bless her heart. She loves her food. Bottle is warm and ready. I tried for what felt like a hour to get that dang bottle nipple in her mouth, but she wasn’t having it. She was squirmy, somewhat thrashing her head and screaming. Just as the bottle would get to her lips, she would resist it.  I knew she was hungry and the very thing she wanted and needed was right in front of her, but she was too busy fighting it.  I remember myself saying over and over,  “Skylar, its right here. Honey, look, momma has what you want.”  Trying to convince a newborn -exhausting. My face was covered in tears and my heart covered in shame.

God showed up in that moment with a screaming baby, a cold bottle and a momma who was all around a mess dealing with labels, insecurities, fear and a really distorted view of God and what he thought about me.

I am not somebody who goes around saying “Oh, God talked to me last night and then again this morning and actually right now this minute too.” Or maybe he does and I’m just not listening or I write it off as hallucinating and too much coffee. Another devotional another day for that.

I know that I know that He spoke to me this day though. I felt Him gently whisper, “Jada, exactly. Stop trying to push me away, my love for you isn’t going anywhere. Stop looking here and there and making excuses for why you don’t deserve it. Aren’t you tired of fighting? My love is exactly what you need and want.

I wish I could say that day was like a demolition day (Joanna & Chip Gaines style) and all those lies, labels and my view of God was tore down and replaced with the truth, never to come to surface again. I’m so thankful that God is gracious and I know I’ll only be complete in Him. Some sweet ole lady always said in my childhood church, “I’m not who I want to be, but I’m sure not who I used to be.” True story.

There is a song that as the young kids say, “Its my JAM!” This song has become mine. my heart. my cry when the words won’t come.

Your love’s not fractured
It’s not a troubled mind
It isn’t anxious
It’s not the restless kind
Your love’s not passive
It’s never disengaged
It’s always present
It hangs on every word we say
Love keeps its promises
It keep its word
It honors what’s sacred
‘Cause its vows are good
Your love’s not broken
It’s not insecure
Your love’s not selfish
Your love is pure

You don’t give Your heart in pieces
You don’t hide Yourself to tease us

So, pretty much God’s love is perfect. Ya, it can’t mess us up. God is crazy in love with you and me! He loves us madly and passionately- so much that the Word says, “He delights in me and rejoices over with me with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17 May these words become your reality today. You can stop resisting. Stop fighting it. Just stop. His love is all you’ll ever need.

“For the Lord your God is living among you.
He is a mighty savior.
He will take delight in you with gladness.
With his love, he will calm all your fears.
He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.”
-Zephaniah 3:17


We met at Capital Christian Center where she was speaking. I went by myself, not even ashamed of that. Don’t we look like we belong together??!??! look at her dimples.. She’s soo cute.. Ok. Gosh, I’m a freak!!!

Ya. I can’t even right now. I just said to my husband, “If only Jamie Ivey and I were friends”. Do you know how many times I say in a week something about relocating to Austin or somewhere near Jamie Ivey so I can be near her and we can be friends and write books together, read books, watch our husbands make dinner, do barre together, do our eyelash extensions together, do vlogs, podcasts, do supper club together.. HAHAHAH jk on that last one.. Thats funny stuff, huh.. umm but seriously. we are so meant to be. Its psycho how much i love her and really feel like we should be in each others lives. What also is crazy is that this blog post is just to say that.. Clearly, I need therapy.. or Jesus.. He would be good.. 🙂 I had to get it off my chest and……….ending now. 🙂 BYE



Asking purposeful questions may surprise you.



I’ve been married for 18 years and have 2 kids (Both are girls), so “Jesus, take the wheel” is a very daily statement around here. I have been home with them since the day we brought them home, every single day, all.the.day.long. See, my husband is cursed with many gifts, therefore staying very busy most weeks. There were and still are mornings that as he says goodbye for the day, I feel many different emotions. I think “I’m so blessed that I get to stay home with my kids and create all these memories and not miss a milestone, etc. Yet at the same time  would also think “I’m suffocating, I’m lonely and feeling bitter.” I would often be channeling my inner Ariel inside my head singing ” Wish I could be part of that world”. And if you think its impossible to feel all those emotions at one time, you my friend are not a woman or maybe, you do not have any blessed little ones yet.

My husband arrives home from work usually between 5-6.  He’ll walk through the door, hug the girls, hug me and then say, “What did you do today?” or maybe he’s feeling brave and asks “What did you get done today?”  I remember the day he asked that one, he was lucky that day because he happened to be wearing a hat and he just looked so darn cute. Today, he asked “So, how was your day?”

The question just hangs as I look at him, trying to gauge if he was being sincere, funny, sarcastic, and then which kind of sarcastic, trying to make out the pitch and tone of his voice and what all did he mean????? Meanwhile, I’ve asked my 10 year to get off youtube for the 38th time and to take my bra off and to stop watching strange womens labor and delivery stories.  My 2 year old is outside in the pool with her swim instructor having her 1st lesson and I can hear her telling her instructor, “no, no, I wanna do it myself” with a little bit of a monster voice and then I hear the instructor say “Skylar, please stop kicking me with water.” Poor instructor, We are probably now on the black list. I look at the custom made fireplace that Skylar had just drawn some artwork on with a black sharpie that same morning, my pee soaked shorts cause we are in potty training season and well, need I tell you how thats going, unwashed hair, chipped fingernails and coffee breath and I pause. Freeze time. Lets go into my head for a second.

How was my day???  Hum, wellllllllll (really dragged out ) today felt like eternity. There were moments when my heart was so full I could have exploded and then there were other moments when my senses were under assault that I think I did explode. I was both lonely and desperate to be alone. I counted down the minutes til nap time and then the second I layed down my 2 year old I couldn’t wait for the moment to go nuts kissing her sweet face! I was bored out of my mind and completely overwhelmed with so much to do at the same time. Today dragged on, yet there wasn’t enough time. It was loud and silent. I was at my best and then, a moment later, at my very worst. I think around 2:00 I imagined us moving to Haiti and taking over our favorite orphanage, adopting each of those kids as our own and then a hour later, I thought what if we give up our kids we already have for adoption and move to Bora-Bora.  Hubby-when there are 3 girls and all of us have several personalities(jk);)  and we all have crazy hormones –  it becomes super difficult to explain the question, “How was my day”

I’m too tired to say all of that. So, sometimes I would cry, or yell or just say fine and tell him I got errands to do meaning TARGET RUN!!!! Go to target, order my grande iced vanilla latte and wander the aisles, thinking “please God, let me run into a friend, somebody I know, anybody will do Lord.” In those moments, I often feel sad and hurt because I just want to be seen and known. The days just seem impossible to explain.

In one of my many self help books or a blog,  I read how we should ask each other better questions. Whether it be spouse, child, friendship-if we really care to know them, we need to ask them better questions, specific questions and then really listen. This quote hit me straight in my face,  “If we don’t want throwaway answers, we can’t ask throwaway questions.”

It doesn’t always happen, but now we try to ask more thought out questions. Ones that hopefully will set us up for success.

What did I do today that made you feel appreciated?

What can I do to help you right now? -my fav!!!

I also use it on my 10 year old when I pick her up from school. I no longer ask, “How was your day?” because she has noooooooo clue. It was the worst of days, it was the best of days. One moment, her best friend was one girl and then 10 minutes later, it is a different girl. A specific question is going to give me a more clear answer and more of a window into her day.  So, now i ask

How do you feel about your spelling test?

Did you play anything fun during recess? 

Do you feel proud of yourself today?

What if we viewed our questions the same way we viewed giving a gift to a close friend? Giving a thoughtful gift requires us to really listen and know that person. The more personal and specific the gift the more the receiver will feel genuinely loved and known. If thought out and purposeful our questions can evoke the same response as that perfect gift. Love is specific. Love is personal. Love is being known.

“You’re the Devil”

Us 2015

Us 2015

 I have one brother, Derrick and we are 22 months apart. Well, he’s really only my half brother which is so weird to say and sad and lets just forget I ever brought it up.. cause now I want to cry about it.. Ok. So, important thing to remember here is he’s older:) He turned the big 40 today! I am still in my 30’s. Yeah for that!

 Childhood was a little, ummmmmm different. He was raised by my Grandpa and Grandma and I was all over the place. I stayed with them some, stayed with my mom some, spent a lot of nights at my aunts house and stayed anywhere else anybody would have me. I was so popular with my big ears, loud obnoxious voice and unending energy that everybody wanted me. Annnnd cue a lot of sarcasm there.:) Anyway, it is what it is and we survived. We turned out and turned up…. JK. totally doesn’t make sense, but felt right to type it. So………

 I have absolutely admired and adored my brother since I can remember.  I never ever wanted to be apart from him. I mean, HELLO!!! I slept in his room so many times on his top bunk. And I’m not talking about as a 6 year old, but when I was like 15 years old!!!!!!!!!  He would probably not like that on social media, but oops… there it is:)  Remember the year that rapture was supposed to happen for the 3,294th time??? I think it was in 1988.. So I would have been 11 years old. I WAS TERRIFIED. People, I cried so much that day. Of course we had been made to watch those dumb rapture movies that week that have traumatized me for LIFE.. Anyway, I begged Derrick to let me sleep with him and I’m not talking top bunk this night!!!!  Ya, seriously if he would have let me slept with him on the bottom bunk, next to him, yes,  skin to skin, sharing the same blanket, HA..I would have jumped there in a second..He agreed to top bunk so there I was expecting to feel an earthquake at any minute,,, oh wait, that was another night where a big earthquake was predicted!!!!! oh I can’t keep track… At this point of the blog, if you feel like its gotten too awkward, I give you permission to stop reading. cause it does get a little bit more odd when I start talking about if we weren’t brother and sister, would he marry me.. I know… BIG issues!!! 

Anywaaaaaaay, Derrick made me feel safe, he kept me laughing all the time, he protected me when strange men at amusement parks tried to pick me up:) played the weirdest foot game with me which he probably doesn’t remember and would never admit to. I can’t forget all the times spent in the backyard playing cowboys and indians or cop and robber,, and ohhhh shall we talk about the time he committed assault and battery on me?????!!!!!! YEP.. He sure did, just calling it as I see it people.. He wanted to tie me up around the tree and I did’nt want to be tied to the tree, so he decides to throw his rifle at me, straight on the right side of my forehead, leaving me with a scar. Thx you so very much! Aww I remember that day well, Grandma came running out with her good ole rubber house shoe:) sat me on the couch with a rag to soak up all the blood. and while laying there in pain, I heard my brother get the worst spanking of his life!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome!!!!! So I layed there and just smiled:)))

Here comes another awkward moment. I once asked him, “Derrick, if I was’nt your sister, would u want to marry me?????” ” cause I would totally would want to marry you”…. ?????????? Is that wrong????? 🙂 When we were in college together, that 1 whole year I did:) he was dating another girl. (not his wife now) I LOOOOVE HER:) but another girl that isn’t on social media. If she is, I apologize:) but I with a few other girls were really bothered by this relationship my brother was having cause I felt my brother was too good for her. Not in a mean way, but well.. yeah I guess it was mean.. I didn’t like the way she treated him, blah blah, blah so me and another girl decide to fast!!!!!!! hahahah and pray they would break up… Who does that??!?!!?!?!? Gives up food to pray for her brother to break up with a girlfriend. 1. I think i lasted 48 minutes and 2. I think I really just didn’t want him dating anybody. It meant there was another woman in his life and not just me anymore. :(( Whew this is getting deep. God bless my heart. 

  I am so overwhelmed with emotions when I think of my brother and our life together as 2 kids who did’nt have the whole mom and dad thing going for us. My brother without knowing absolutely filled the many empty parts in my heart in so many ways. He’s so much more than a brother to me. Besides my husband of course, I can with all my heart say he is my best friend, he’s that “no matter what” person. No matter what happens, no matter what I’ve done, no matter what is done, no matter how unfair and ugly things are he never sways, He is always strong and confident, encouraging, supportive, understanding, compassionate, accepting and an incredible man of God-he is always there. There are too many miles between us now as we are raising our families and living our lives. If I could have one dream come true, it would be absolutely for us to be closer. Thank God for Facebook, instagram, email, FaceTime, snapchat, periscope, the PHONE, HELLO!!! 🙂

And now because we are sooo cute:)

I was 18 months old and he was 3. Cheeseball.. He is loving life!!

I was 18 months old and he was 3. Cheeseball.. He is loving life!!

yep, there HE is with HIS hand on MY cheek giving me lovin..  March 1979

yep, there HE is with HIS hand on MY cheek giving me lovin..  March 1979

Sept. 1979.. I was 20 months and Derrick was 3 and a half.. again he wanted to hold my hand:)) Now, that I'm look at all these pics, who was really obsessed with who???????????

Sept. 1979.. I was 20 months and Derrick was 3 and a half.. again he wanted to hold my hand:)) Now, that I’m look at all these pics, who was really obsessed with who???????????


me, Derrick, Janae and Blake with our Uncle Larry... This face is totally my brother's laugh still today!!

me, Derrick, Janae and Blake with our Uncle Larry… This face is totally my brother’s laugh still today!!


Easter of 1982,, THAT FACE:).. still happens all the time!!

Easter of 1982,, THAT FACE:).. still happens all the time!!


and this next thing is probably one of the oddest things you’ll ever see!!!
 I don’t expect anybody else to think this is funny, but one of my best memories was seeing this skit with Derrick when we were young and we both thought it was soooooooo funny… and just laughed forever….and this was where we started saying “your the devil” This phrase has stuck with us until even today.. 

Love Day, 2016

We love Valentine’s Day around here. Daddy always goes over and above on gifts which just happens to be my love language. Thank ya Jesus! This year he got me the cutest gold bracelet and it had JB+RB. Its etched in it like it would look like if it was etched on to a tree.. Kinda sloppy and the gold is the hammered look.. SOOO CUTE!!!!! Love it.. Ryan gets the girls little gifts too which they are all about. Always the cutest little trinkets. 

About 7 years ago, we started staying home on Valentines Night and we love it. I make a yummy dinner and we all dress up and eat with a hundred candles lit. ITS THE BEST!!!! The girls love it. We even skip paper plates on this night. No paper cups. We get the best plates out that we have. Thank you Crate and Barrel. Wine glasses come, we toast each other and CHEERS!!!! The girls love it. 

This year we wrote love notes to each other (why didn’t I take pictures of that???:( ) and we took turn reading them to each other while Skylar continued on her 2nd plate of Spaghetti. LOL.  Ryan and I both got sappy and couldn’t even get through all of them without crying. We just love our girls so much. Its a fun night and something we all look forward too every year. img_5257

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Happy 10th Birthday, Micah

Lydia, my sweet niece. Happy Birthday

Lydia, my sweet niece. Happy Birthday

Love to harass Noah for a photo.

Love to harass Noah for a photo.

I wish I would have believed everybody when they told me the years would fly by, to cherish every moment and to not wish the days away for the next better phase. Now, Micah is 10 and I just can’t believe it. 

She is such a joy to our lives. She’s a beauty. She’s an amazing friend. She’s full of joy and its contagious. Her smile is big. Her heart is bigger. Her laugh, hands down, THE BEST!! like mine:) She is fearless. She is just the best and I’m so honored to be her momma. 

Thank you God for a gift such as Micah. I am honored you picked me to be her momma. May I never take that for granted. 

We laid low this year for her birthday. Her cousin Lydia and her share a birthday week so we combined them this year and had the party at Aunt Nette Nette’s house. It was nice to just have family around and eat cake and celebrate Lydia and Micah’s life. 

Christmas Decor

Something I love to do is decorating my home and especially at Christmas time. We live in what we call our farmhouse even though its a farmhouse with 0 animals:( That will change. I love our house, Its a working progress. Its changing every few months as we remodel room by room, but it truly is becoming the house of my dreams! Anyway,  I asked hubby to put his skills to work and shoot a few pics of the house. We did’n get all that I wanted, because once Christmas day passed, I couldn’t get my stuff down fast enough. 🙂 And plus you just couldn’t capture the beauty of the outside.

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