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We met at Capital Christian Center where she was speaking. I went by myself, not even ashamed of that. Don’t we look like we belong together??!??! look at her dimples.. She’s soo cute.. Ok. Gosh, I’m a freak!!!

Ya. I can’t even right now. I just said to my husband, “If only Jamie Ivey and I were friends”. Do you know how many times I say in a week something about relocating to Austin or somewhere near Jamie Ivey so I can be near her and we can be friends and write books together, read books, watch our husbands make dinner, do barre together, do our eyelash extensions together, do vlogs, podcasts, do supper club together.. HAHAHAH jk on that last one.. Thats funny stuff, huh.. umm but seriously. we are so meant to be. Its psycho how much i love her and really feel like we should be in each others lives. What also is crazy is that this blog post is just to say that.. Clearly, I need therapy.. or Jesus.. He would be good.. 🙂 I had to get it off my chest and……….ending now. 🙂 BYE



Golden Gate Suicide Run.. LOL

Lets just be clear. This post is not about me running.. I only run to the bathroom, to the ice cream truck and into Nordy and Target. Just to be honestly and upfront. This is about my stud of a man. The is his 4th half marathon which is just unthinkable to me. I could walk it, but seriously, if I’m gonna walk that long its gonna be into some stores and get some serious shopping done.  But, man this trail was difficult, especially the first half of it.. It was totally up cline.. NOPE. absolutely not.. That is not of God.. Ryan did it and in pretty good time. So Proud of him… 

Ryan ran it with one of his good friends, Jathan too who pretty much blew everybody away. He’s like a little tiny lego guy:)) We love Jathan… 

It was a fun day.. Thankful for a daddy and husband who  is disciplined and when he says he’s going to do something, it gets done.

Xox, Jada


Fresh Air is good

I don’t even know where we were in these pictures, but I  love them sooo much. The property was beeeeautiful. I felt so much peace here. I do remember that. It reminded me that our kids don’t need iPads, iPhones, tablets, shopkins, and every toy that Amazon has. Getting them out outside and playing with the animals and a little creek of water was like a breath of fresh air for all of us. 

So, if you read my previous blog about our trip to the Calaveras Trees, you would know that my youngest, Skylar is pretty aggressive and doesn’t know her own strength. That applies to not only humans, but with animals, too. Don’t judge first of all and threaten to call Sarah McLachlan on us. We don’t encourage this kind of treatment towards animals, well, except maybe cats..JK God Bless all the animals. 


Touch this cat, Lord

See the issue we are dealing with??