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Calaveras Big Trees State Park 2015

Our family LOVES being outside and we just happen to live in one of the best states for that. Lots of adventures and sightseeing in Cali. All of the family decided to go see the “big trees” and I’m so glad I said yes despite the couple hour drive.. (Have I ever mentioned I’m just not big on road trips unless the beach is my destination) I pulled my big girl panties on and did it though. We had such a great day. Perfect weather, Perfect beautiful creation and perfect people all together. 

Wanna hear something crazy. Well, 2 crazy things. 1. I’m so ridiculous behind on my blog. I’m playing catchup and may have just popped a xanax. It drives me nuts and overwhelms to be so behind. So, right now its actually January 2017 as I type this.. I know. INSANE. 2 years behind.. UGK.. Anyway, the 2nd crazy thing is California just had some major rainstorms and took out trees everywhere, including this HUUUGE beauty… So sad, right?

One big happy family 🙂

Ok. Some trees just call for an impromptu photoshoot. LOL

And this next picture I’m about to post makes me fall off my chair laughing. 1. Because My Skylar.. God Bless her. She needs Jesus, a whole lot of Jesus. 2. This pic just represents life right now. I’m serious. She’s a little bully and I’m not bribing here, it really stresses me out. She is constantly attacking and antagonizing sweet Julia, who is btw only 6 months younger than her. Honestly, she was only trying to pull her into a headlock hug, but the aggressiveness!!! Dear Lawwwwd. Julia was not having it. Its possible Julia was having flashbacks of a few days prior, when Skylar attacked her. Look at her crying for help. I just don’t blame her. Ohhh, Skylar and her passion. Lets pray thats used for good in her future;) . But, for real keep that one in your prayers. 🙂