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Girls Trip 2015

About once a year we try to go on a little weekend away. Its usually to Tahoe which is perfect cause its pretty close, beautiful and the perfect little way to just relax, let our hair down some and just be a bunch of crazy women without having to worry about our little ones for a few days. Its so nice and refreshing to take off all our little “hats” we  have to wear throughout the week and just be. We eat whatever our sweet hearts desired no matter how much sugar was involved, we have a few drinks, we dance, we have the best conversations on the beach and sometimes, we even step out of our comfort zone and ride Jet Skis.  Just when I had the trust of the girls and convinced them to let me drive and I would be careful and I’m some what experienced. It happened… I and not on purpose tip our frekin jet ski over which the owners had said was nearly impossible….. Of course, it was me who did it.. All 3 of us slowly fall into the water, which was not real warm. Designer sunglasses go flying off, Chris having a minor panic attack, Joy, the adult of us was able to think and thought Hurry flip the jet ski over so we don’t ruin the dang thing.. And here I am in the water wishing we had that on camera!!!!!!!!! Gosh, it was funny once Chris was breathing again. 🙂 Ohhh what a sweet memory!!!!

These girls mean the world to me. We have something very special in common that means we will always be good friends, if you ask me:) That is adoption. Nobody knows the beauty and ugliness of adoption  more than those who have waked that path.  When God crossed our paths, I knew we would be forever friends and be the friends who encourage, challenge, laugh, cry, get pissed off with, question God, question our faith, question everything around us and yet still be okay. That is a gift, my friends. A very special gift. 

We always find time for pool time. Always

Who says we can’t act 10 again when trying to go to sleep??!?!?!? Its not a true girls get away until somebody sticks the tongue out! 🙂

Xox, Jada

Fresh Air is good

I don’t even know where we were in these pictures, but I  love them sooo much. The property was beeeeautiful. I felt so much peace here. I do remember that. It reminded me that our kids don’t need iPads, iPhones, tablets, shopkins, and every toy that Amazon has. Getting them out outside and playing with the animals and a little creek of water was like a breath of fresh air for all of us. 

So, if you read my previous blog about our trip to the Calaveras Trees, you would know that my youngest, Skylar is pretty aggressive and doesn’t know her own strength. That applies to not only humans, but with animals, too. Don’t judge first of all and threaten to call Sarah McLachlan on us. We don’t encourage this kind of treatment towards animals, well, except maybe cats..JK God Bless all the animals. 


Touch this cat, Lord

See the issue we are dealing with??