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Becoming a family of 5

Yes, its true friends. We will become a family of 5 hopefully in the next year or 3.:) No, I’m not pregnant. (Please don’t say, “Oh your taking the easy road, huh”, “pregnancy too much for you?” or other crazy nonsense stuff. You could accidentally get punched in the throat. 1. Adoption is so not the easy road. I’m allowed to say that now since I’ve adopted and given birth.:) and 2. Yes, pregnancy was hard at the age of 37, gestational diabetes and 63 pounds. (you’ve seen my youngest, right).  My uterus now hates me and I am trying to restore that relationship.

The truth is we have to. Its in our hearts and we can’t stop thinking about him. In 2012, we had started the adoption process and were just waiting for the call that we had been “matched”. But one night, something told me to pee on a stick and OH MY WORD, i saw 2 lines. 2 sticks at home and then 4 more in the walgreens bathroom. WHAT?!?!?!?!                           14 loooooooooooooooooong years of screaming at my eggs and hubbys swimmers to frekin get together!!!! 🙂 Long story short,, Once we reached the end of the 1st trimester, our adoption agency had to put our adoption on hold. and we went on to have a super healthy baby toddler, Skylar. hehe.

Now, we are finishing what we started back then. Of course we don’t know him yet, but we love him in our bones and our hearts. We are obsessed with everything boy right now. Jen Hatmaker, my favorite person that I don’t know in the universe said “You realize that when God said He sets the lonely in families, He meant it, and He doesn’t just transform the “lonely” but also the “families.” He changes us for one another. God can create a family across countries, beyond genetics, through impossible circumstances, and past reason.” A to the MEN!!!!!

We are in beginning stages, still working on application. Its been sitting in our kitchen for 6 months now. This has the potential to be the longest adoption ever. JK:) Its my goal to have paperwork done before Christmas. We have our intake interview next week and then start adoption/parenting classes the beginning of the year. Which we have already done, but have to re-do since time has passed. Help us Lawwwwwd. These classes can be brutal. In the meantime, we are doing paperwork, home study, getting physicals, fingerprints and convincing Micah that we are only adopting 1 and not 19. ??????? Bless her Lord, she wants so many kids. Makes my throat close up to think of it. I mean, in a good way.. Not that I don’t love kids, but… well … . never mind 🙂

Seriously, we would love your prayers over our family and especially over our sweet boy (YES, ITS A BOY) insert blue heart here. Please pray over him for protection over his heart, mind and body. Pray over the birth family, especially the birth mom. Pray that God would place people around her to love on her and build her up as she faces difficult circumstances. God sees her and loves her no matter what. My prayer for her.