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Christmas Decor

Something I love to do is decorating my home and especially at Christmas time. We live in what we call our farmhouse even though its a farmhouse with 0 animals:( That will change. I love our house, Its a working progress. Its changing every few months as we remodel room by room, but it truly is becoming the house of my dreams! Anyway,  I asked hubby to put his skills to work and shoot a few pics of the house. We did’n get all that I wanted, because once Christmas day passed, I couldn’t get my stuff down fast enough. 🙂 And plus you just couldn’t capture the beauty of the outside.

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2015 Christmas Day Action

A few shots from Christmas Eve and Day with our cute little family. 

Christmas Eve before their 1 gift they get to open. Which is always pjs and an ornament for the year.

Christmas Eve before their 1 gift they get to open. Which is always pjs and an ornament for the year. Are they not the cutest??

Liking those new jimmies

Liking those new jammies

The girls get an ornament every year. I try to get an ornament that captures them that year. Skylar is all about fairies lately, especially dressing up like one:) so I got her one of the Fairies grin the Messenger ornament series at Hallmark.. It seriously was so cute.. looked just like her and evidently looked edible. Micah got a soccer girl with her number on it because she played for the first time this year on her school team and absolutely rocked it!!!!!

The girls get an ornament every year. I try to get an ornament that captures them that year. Skylar is all about fairies lately, especially dressing up like one:) so I got her a fairy from the Messenger ornament series at Hallmark.. It seriously was so cute.. looked just like her and evidently looked edible. Micah got a soccer girl with her number on it because she played for the first time this year on her school team and absolutely rocked it!!!!!

Christmas isn't complete with an Anna Dress. I wish she would just let it go... hahahahaha oh lawd.. crack myself up:)

Christmas isn’t complete without an Anna Dress. I wish she would just let it go…see what I did there?? hahahahaha oh lawd.. crack myself up:)

I hope ya had a very Merry Christmas. 

xox, Jada

Somebody is 40 and its not me!!! Part 1

My gorgeous hunk of a man just turned 40!! I just can’t believe he is there and i’m approaching it.. :(( unreal.. I used to think I would never turn 40.. I don’t know why I thought that. It just felt sooo far away, not that I would die or Jesus would come rapture us away, not that I think I’ll make it.. I mean, who knows really.. 🙂 JK calm down. I know where I’m headed, but only if He comes at the right moment.. hehe JK again… “Beulah Land (singing voice) I’m longing for you”.. ok. ok. another post another day.

Anywazzzzzzz, Ryan is turning 40 or tonight as I write this post, he is 40 plus 9 days. Eventful Night……  You can say he ended the night the same way he came into the world.. Well……..Wait….. that sounds like I’m saying that sweet 10 pounds, 4oz and 24 1/2″ long toddler Ryan came hurling out of his mothers vajayjay that night. No, clearly that did not happen… OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

The day started with Ryan waking up to 40 balloons with random sweet pics of him through his life tied to them. He was surprised and it was really sweet to see him reflect on some of them.


So, now its evening time and I have invited 50+ people including family and close friends. Because of the amount of people and kids that would be there and I already met my quota for hosting parties at my house for this fiscal year, I decided LETS GO SKATING!!!! That’ll be fun, right? Well, it was for the first 45 minutes. So much fun!. Skylar was in Heaven,, she’s 2 people and she was pretty much running on the skates and would not come off the floor for anything, even CAKE!!!!! You know she was having a good time if she passed up food.. 🙂


Happy 40th babe

40 years ago, God brought this little boy into the world. Well, not really little, he was over 10 pounds and almost 24″ long, pretty much a 3 month old right out of the womb.

Ryan Chad Black was special:) The stories I have heard prove that God thinks very highly of my mother in law and that she was capable of such a child. HA! Most moms get together and tell stories of their children and they are often something like this “oh my child peed their pants right in the middle of the store” or “my child got in trouble at daycare because he pinched another little boy” or “ohhh my little one stuck a marble up his nose”, which all of these were done by Ryan too,, but he was always pushing it, seeing how much more he could do. So, my mother in law got to tell stories go like this…
At the young age of 3, Ryan fell out of a 2 story building with no injuries whatsoever, not even a scratch.   He also climbed a tall tree and couldn’t get down, his mom having no idea how he even did it..  Also around this age, his younger brother came along. Mom had to hide Richie from Ryan because he was very “loving” and thought it was okay to give gum to him when he was only a few months old. Awwwww, Ryan has always been a giver. 🙂
When Ryan was 4, yes ONLY 4. He lived in a small, tiny town outside of Union Center, South Dakota. He wanted to go to the store that was 3 miles away, nobody was available to take him so he decided with all that 4 year old wisdom that he would walk himself ON THE HIGHWAY to this tiny store. While on his way, a car full of drunk native Americans (I’m quoting mom’s exact words) picked him up and gave him a ride. Because the town was so tiny, the clerk working in the store recognized little 4 year old Ryan and long story short, he was returned home safely:)) TRUE STORY….  
Sometime around the age of 6, he jumped off the kitchen counter and didn’t quite clear it,  so now he’s falling with tongue hanging out and falls on floor biting his tongue almost off.  He went on to bigger things then, like killing his first animal, an innocent rabbit:( He started racing BMX bikes, he caught snakes that should never have been caught. At the age of 8, he somehow inquired a pet hawk which is really cool.. What little boy wouldn’t die to have a pet Hawk.. Forget goldfish, or little hamsters… A HAWK!!!!  and last and rather disturbing…… He was 9 and apparently he saw a bullet and a hammer on the table. Scared yet?????? Well,  remember his younger brother Richie who he repeatedly gave gum too as an infant???????? Yep, he was involved.:(  Ryan thought it would be cool to hit the bullet with the hammer, which sent the bullet flying into Richie’s leg which resulted in a hospital trip and stitches and years of counseling for the whole family at this point… JK on the therapy part.. I think..:) I think Richie got stitches a few more times as a result of Ryan’s actions and all this happened only in the first 9 years of life. There you go to the people with out kids so far:) FREE BIRTH CONTROL FOR ALL:) 
This little boy has grown into quite the man.  I knew from the moment I met him that he would be an incredible father and an amazing husband.  And he has far exceeded the word incredible.
He has loved me unconditionally and loved me through a lot of very ugly times, seasons of life where I was very unloveable and didn’t deserve his love. He has held me, wiped away my tears, spoken truth into my heart and believed in me.  This man makes me laugh like nobody else can. He tells the cheesiest jokes that I act like annoy me, but really they make my heart flutter once again for him. Most people wouldn’t get most of what he does and why they send me into a crazy laughing woman. You know you have been laughing a lot when you have to run as your wheezing and grab your inhaler.:)  Ryan, I love you so much and could not have asked for more. I consider myself so blessed to have you by my side as we do life. Happy Birthday my love. 

2015 Christmas Fun

The holidays have come and gone. boooooooooohoooooo:( Now, its cold, foggy and rainy for no reason at all and its depressing!!!!!!! Its just fun during months of November and December. Anybody else feel that way?

We had a fun few months with friends and family. Skylar, especially was fun this year with all the Christmas events.. She told me hourly how pretty the Christmas tree was and that the lights are hot. We sang Happy Birthday Jesus and Silent Night about 39 times before bedtime. Actually, we do that everynight. Not kidding. Skylar has always loved those 2 specific songs. Also, we watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas about 4 times a day. That was definitely the movie of this Christmas for us. Ryan made us his special crack, I mean Nutella cookies pretty much every few nights. And I’m not even mad about it. We had several impromptu dance parties on the table to Mariah Carey’s, “All I want for Christmas is you”. One of our favorite traditions is letting the kids open a wrapped book every night starting Dec. 1st. and reading together as a family I would be lying if i said we didn’t miss night. oops.. . Overall, it was a relaxing Christmas vacation and many memories were made with my sweet little family.

Our elves, Colby and Chloe decided to come back, but they had ebola and weren’t their usual selves:(


Micah and I also did our annual goody bags to hand out to the homeless. It gets more and more special each year as she gets older and understands it. God is using her to bless others and she thinks thats pretty cool.

IMG_8866 1

little assembly line putting the bags together. Skylar wanted to help too:)

little assembly line putting the bags together. Skylar wanted to help too:)

My sweet family in Old Town enjoying the lights and the 17 fake snow flurries that they blew down. Thx SacTown, you shouldn’t have. (I miss home and real winter)

My sweet family in Old town, enjoying the lights and the 17 fake flurries that they blew down. :)

Micah started a new school this past fall and we are so in love with all the staff and the kids. It really does feel like another family. She got to perform in her first Christmas Production and she was over the moon. That girl rehearsed the heck out of her songs and even had the courage to try out to sign with the senior sign team for a song. Its a huge deal at our school, something they do with excellence. She didn’t make it and their were tears, from both of us. I actually went into the bathroom and curled up in a ball and bawled. I mean, like literally lost my self for a few minutes. It was not easy to see your little girl experience her first real disappointment and hear her say “I wasn’t good enough”.. ohhhh lawd.. gonna stop right now or starbucks gonna have to intervene over here in the corner. Anyway, lesson learned and she’ll be trying out again next opportunity. She’s such a trooper.



looking too grown up!!!!

looking too grown up!!!!

FT8A4621 1

Remember those impromptu dance parties I mentioned above?? Oh yeeeeeah, got some of them on video.. This 1st video is absolutely my favorite cause it has my niece in it. She’s not shy, but she is little more reserved than my Micah and tried for several hours to find my phone and delete this video. Someday, she will thank me for posting it:) And Whitney!!!! Need I say more?!?!?!? She just makes me come alive. Just gotta dance!!! But seriously, she’s my all time favorite. Makes me sad that she is no longer here;(. Again, tears. For the love, Jada! ok.. Pulling it together.

And then it was Christmas Zumba time!!!!!!!!!!

My husband and I are always looking for opportunities to give. God has blessed us over and above and its such a honor to just pass it on to others. A few months ago, God placed a family on my heart as I was praying that God would show me a family that we could love on and shower with gifts… Who doesn’t like receiving presents? I’m not gonna lie, I’m a huge fan of gifts!! Its my love language, just FYI. We did some fb stalking to figure out likes and stuff about them, etc. it’s a family we don’t even know well, but had met a few times. It’s been fun and a blessing to love on them like this and sure will bring some extra smiles.. Micah said as we were running the gifts from the car to their porch trying to be quiet, but both of us was so giddy that we should do this every year!! And a new tradition has now been born!!!!

this was actually our 1st stop, dropping off little tokens of our love to some new and forever friends

this was actually our 1st stop, dropping off little tokens of our love to some new and forever friends



us little elves:)

Even though this post is after Christmas, I hope your Christmas was full of love. “Christmas is a togethery sort of holiday,” said Pooh. “That’s my favorite kind,” said Piglet. I couldn’t agree more. 

Merry Christmas,


















2015 Christmas card pic

Another post witten several weeks after the actual event.. I’ve fallen so behind and trying to play catch up. I’ve sent the kids upstairs with daddy to play with blocks and give me some silence. And of course they are up there playing zoo or WWI. I have no idea, but I’m staying here on my tush. where it is safe:) and peaceful.

OK. People. If you know us personally and get our Christmas Card every year, you know its a big deal. If it were entirely up to me, I would stick a cute pic of just the girls with some cute graphics. BAM. Done. But my hubs is a super out of the box thinker, creative photographer. And I think he feels like everybody is expecting this amazing mouth drop pic every year and it has to be better than last year. Somebody needs therapy, prayer:) Honestly, when christmas card pic talk starts, I get anxiety poos. I know. I’m sorry 🙁  But Ryan spoils blesses (i have a sweet friend who started saying blessed instead of spoiled and i like it so I’m doing it too,Thanks Sonia!!!!) me year round and pretty much lets me have control of everything. So the card is his baby and we just do what we are told.:)

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 Fun

Christmas Card 2012

2012 Chaos (Pretty much close to reality though):)and I’m 2 months pregnant here:)))

Christmas Pic 2013

Christmas 2013 Cuteness. This is my favorite of my loves

Christmas 2014 fun. Lets hit the runway.

Christmas 2014 fun. The fun begins.

And 2015 card barely made it in time. We got it back the first time and the color was off, we looked green. Anxiety is high at this point. Its Dec. 16 and we have to re-order them, address them and get them sent out. People are texting and asking on fb where our christmas cards are….They are stressing, I’m stressing.. Help us LAWD. We can’t let our friends and family down.  I was messing around with my time lapse app in preparing for the shoot.  Heres a little look:)

Wasn’t that sweet?? I love the video of the girls dancing!!! Micah and her dancing cracks me up.. She truly does not care if its done right.. That girl loves to bust a move and I absolutely love it and her:) and Skylar.. so yummmmmmmy..  So here is the final product.

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

Ta-daaaaaaaah!:) Its pretty simple and calm compared to previous years, but we love it.. I absolutely love the girls in this pic. And of course the hubs is a hottie. I changed about 37 times and hair was like 5 days dirty and begged Ryan to photoshop my thighs in half. HA but its okay. I love the pic still.:) We already know whats gonna happen with 2016 Christmas Card and its gonna be prettttttty amazing…

Merry Christmas Family and Friends,







Teeth Jewelry Time!

Its true. I got me some teeth jewelry. This post is 2 months after getting my braces on. That day I would have said I was ready, this is gonna be a breeze, I don’t mind taking 53 minutes every.single.night to floss each.and.every.tooth, brushing my teeth after every bite of food that enters my mouth which means going to the bathroom to brush about 49 times a day. I had done my research and was ready. After all, it is the beginning of the improved me transformation before I turn 40.. I got 2 years to get it together!!! yiiiiiiiiikes!


Here is me pre-braces with my cute husband:)

My teeth were not that bad. Just enough of a few crooked teeth that it was all I could see in every picture annnnd my husband is a photographer/filmmaker. You feeling me???????  So, I had to do this plus my teeth alignment is all jacked up, I have completely tore them up with all the grinding I apparently do at night and my back teeth are growing inward which would keep getting worse with age. I’ve always wanted braces, but always came up with excuses.

Now, here I am, 38 years young and I blend in with all the other 10 year olds with some teeth metal. Ladies, if your young and you need braces, just pull up your big girl panties and get it over with already.. For the love, please.

EA93D557-BA31-4A3C-AA6F-BB5E50DCAB2B 39D7AF36-6B8A-467D-A721-17AC420A36A3

Showed up to my ortho office which I love. Bunch of women, they are totally chill and fun, complimenting me on my hair color, my boots. We were instant besties. I laid there with that scary white plastic thing in my mouth for a HOUR trying to not lose my lunch and embarrass myself. Didn’t hurt at all and went quicker than I thought.. Its funny, they were all chatting about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton getting together (which I still find so odd) and they are asking me questions as if I can answer….??!?!?!?!?

My husband and oldest daughter went with me also. Why??? Because. 1. In case I passed out or away, I wanted them to be there for my last moments. For real, you never know what could happen. Remember, i’m a lifetime story.  2. My oldest is going to get her braces in the next year and I wanted her to see the process. She was so sweet, kept asking me if I’m okay and telling me to take deep breaths. I think she was pretending she was coaching me for labor:)) God love..

72374025-DFE8-4DB6-B962-6C56BF19F896 funny 

Bless my heart.

Here I am!!!!! YA… I can’t even explain the feeling of your mouth being jammed pack with metal!!!! I wanted to rip them out immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was no pain or pressure that first day, but ohhhhh the feeling was so annoying. My upper lip wasn’t small to begin with. Thanks to my sperm donor out there somewhere for the full lips. For real, you deserve a sticker! I did get good lips. Anywayzzzzzzz, they got even bigger once the metal went on and my upper lip kept getting stuck on the braces.

This picture above, seriously that upper lip didn’t move for weeks.. I kept pulling it down myself. I was freaking out.. I was constantly in a state of looking awkward and apparently, surprised.. I can’t laugh right.. Its really hard to laugh aggressively like I do, but keep your mouth closed.. Like, try it.. right now…. seriously, its hard.. but I do and I look cray. My husband makes so much fun of me. Just so insecure of my metal mouth. I need to just get over it already!!!!!

 I complained to everybody that first 3-4 weeks who talked to me about anything.. They wanted to talk about our children, school, refugees, isis, church and I was like “but for real, I can’t even stand these braces.” I can’t even eat anything. I’m starving!!!!!!!!!!! Soup and smoothies!! Have you ever saw somebody with braces after they slurped a berry smoothie????????????????????? plain nasty. I apologize. 


And today. 2 months of braces down. 1 year and 4 months left.

Notice a pattern in my pics. I can’t smile for real. I just can’t. If I even see a pic of me with my braces, ohhhh father. I can’t even think about it. It’ll be the year known as “the year nobody saw jadas teeth” and then I’ll do a big reveal!!!!

I go in for my 1st tightening in a few weeks, I know.. scared for my life. The thought has crossed my my mind to just ask the ortho if she can just take them off.. i’m fine with my crooked teeth….. I mean, really I just want some taffy. watermelon taffy. or cinnamon taffy.. Omg, i’m drooling. My husband so kindly as he chomps on some popcorn, taffy and steak reminds me that children 30 years younger than me do this all the time and they make it through.  Maybe, by the end of the year, I will join the ones who made it though. I can do this.. I got this.