Teeth Jewelry Time!


Its true. I got me some teeth jewelry. This post is 2 months after getting my braces on. That day I would have said I was ready, this is gonna be a breeze, I don’t mind taking 53 minutes every.single.night to floss each.and.every.tooth, brushing my teeth after every bite of food that enters my mouth which means going to the bathroom to brush about 49 times a day. I had done my research and was ready. After all, it is the beginning of the improved me transformation before I turn 40.. I got 2 years to get it together!!! yiiiiiiiiikes!


Here is me pre-braces with my cute husband:)

My teeth were not that bad. Just enough of a few crooked teeth that it was all I could see in every picture annnnd my husband is a photographer/filmmaker. You feeling me???????  So, I had to do this plus my teeth alignment is all jacked up, I have completely tore them up with all the grinding I apparently do at night and my back teeth are growing inward which would keep getting worse with age. I’ve always wanted braces, but always came up with excuses.

Now, here I am, 38 years young and I blend in with all the other 10 year olds with some teeth metal. Ladies, if your young and you need braces, just pull up your big girl panties and get it over with already.. For the love, please.

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Showed up to my ortho office which I love. Bunch of women, they are totally chill and fun, complimenting me on my hair color, my boots. We were instant besties. I laid there with that scary white plastic thing in my mouth for a HOUR trying to not lose my lunch and embarrass myself. Didn’t hurt at all and went quicker than I thought.. Its funny, they were all chatting about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton getting together (which I still find so odd) and they are asking me questions as if I can answer….??!?!?!?!?

My husband and oldest daughter went with me also. Why??? Because. 1. In case I passed out or away, I wanted them to be there for my last moments. For real, you never know what could happen. Remember, i’m a lifetime story.  2. My oldest is going to get her braces in the next year and I wanted her to see the process. She was so sweet, kept asking me if I’m okay and telling me to take deep breaths. I think she was pretending she was coaching me for labor:)) God love..

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Bless my heart.

Here I am!!!!! YA… I can’t even explain the feeling of your mouth being jammed pack with metal!!!! I wanted to rip them out immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was no pain or pressure that first day, but ohhhhh the feeling was so annoying. My upper lip wasn’t small to begin with. Thanks to my sperm donor out there somewhere for the full lips. For real, you deserve a sticker! I did get good lips. Anywayzzzzzzz, they got even bigger once the metal went on and my upper lip kept getting stuck on the braces.

This picture above, seriously that upper lip didn’t move for weeks.. I kept pulling it down myself. I was freaking out.. I was constantly in a state of looking awkward and apparently, surprised.. I can’t laugh right.. Its really hard to laugh aggressively like I do, but keep your mouth closed.. Like, try it.. right now…. seriously, its hard.. but I do and I look cray. My husband makes so much fun of me. Just so insecure of my metal mouth. I need to just get over it already!!!!!

 I complained to everybody that first 3-4 weeks who talked to me about anything.. They wanted to talk about our children, school, refugees, isis, church and I was like “but for real, I can’t even stand these braces.” I can’t even eat anything. I’m starving!!!!!!!!!!! Soup and smoothies!! Have you ever saw somebody with braces after they slurped a berry smoothie????????????????????? plain nasty. I apologize. 


And today. 2 months of braces down. 1 year and 4 months left.

Notice a pattern in my pics. I can’t smile for real. I just can’t. If I even see a pic of me with my braces, ohhhh father. I can’t even think about it. It’ll be the year known as “the year nobody saw jadas teeth” and then I’ll do a big reveal!!!!

I go in for my 1st tightening in a few weeks, I know.. scared for my life. The thought has crossed my my mind to just ask the ortho if she can just take them off.. i’m fine with my crooked teeth….. I mean, really I just want some taffy. watermelon taffy. or cinnamon taffy.. Omg, i’m drooling. My husband so kindly as he chomps on some popcorn, taffy and steak reminds me that children 30 years younger than me do this all the time and they make it through.  Maybe, by the end of the year, I will join the ones who made it though. I can do this.. I got this.






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