Happy 40th babe


40 years ago, God brought this little boy into the world. Well, not really little, he was over 10 pounds and almost 24″ long, pretty much a 3 month old right out of the womb.

Ryan Chad Black was special:) The stories I have heard prove that God thinks very highly of my mother in law and that she was capable of such a child. HA! Most moms get together and tell stories of their children and they are often something like this “oh my child peed their pants right in the middle of the store” or “my child got in trouble at daycare because he pinched another little boy” or “ohhh my little one stuck a marble up his nose”, which all of these were done by Ryan too,, but he was always pushing it, seeing how much more he could do. So, my mother in law got to tell stories go like this…
At the young age of 3, Ryan fell out of a 2 story building with no injuries whatsoever, not even a scratch.   He also climbed a tall tree and couldn’t get down, his mom having no idea how he even did it..  Also around this age, his younger brother came along. Mom had to hide Richie from Ryan because he was very “loving” and thought it was okay to give gum to him when he was only a few months old. Awwwww, Ryan has always been a giver. 🙂
When Ryan was 4, yes ONLY 4. He lived in a small, tiny town outside of Union Center, South Dakota. He wanted to go to the store that was 3 miles away, nobody was available to take him so he decided with all that 4 year old wisdom that he would walk himself ON THE HIGHWAY to this tiny store. While on his way, a car full of drunk native Americans (I’m quoting mom’s exact words) picked him up and gave him a ride. Because the town was so tiny, the clerk working in the store recognized little 4 year old Ryan and long story short, he was returned home safely:)) TRUE STORY….  
Sometime around the age of 6, he jumped off the kitchen counter and didn’t quite clear it,  so now he’s falling with tongue hanging out and falls on floor biting his tongue almost off.  He went on to bigger things then, like killing his first animal, an innocent rabbit:( He started racing BMX bikes, he caught snakes that should never have been caught. At the age of 8, he somehow inquired a pet hawk which is really cool.. What little boy wouldn’t die to have a pet Hawk.. Forget goldfish, or little hamsters… A HAWK!!!!  and last and rather disturbing…… He was 9 and apparently he saw a bullet and a hammer on the table. Scared yet?????? Well,  remember his younger brother Richie who he repeatedly gave gum too as an infant???????? Yep, he was involved.:(  Ryan thought it would be cool to hit the bullet with the hammer, which sent the bullet flying into Richie’s leg which resulted in a hospital trip and stitches and years of counseling for the whole family at this point… JK on the therapy part.. I think..:) I think Richie got stitches a few more times as a result of Ryan’s actions and all this happened only in the first 9 years of life. There you go to the people with out kids so far:) FREE BIRTH CONTROL FOR ALL:) 
This little boy has grown into quite the man.  I knew from the moment I met him that he would be an incredible father and an amazing husband.  And he has far exceeded the word incredible.
He has loved me unconditionally and loved me through a lot of very ugly times, seasons of life where I was very unloveable and didn’t deserve his love. He has held me, wiped away my tears, spoken truth into my heart and believed in me.  This man makes me laugh like nobody else can. He tells the cheesiest jokes that I act like annoy me, but really they make my heart flutter once again for him. Most people wouldn’t get most of what he does and why they send me into a crazy laughing woman. You know you have been laughing a lot when you have to run as your wheezing and grab your inhaler.:)  Ryan, I love you so much and could not have asked for more. I consider myself so blessed to have you by my side as we do life. Happy Birthday my love. 

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  1. The joys of being raised in a large family lol! Love the crazy stories. What a blessing Ryan is to you and your family.

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