Love Day, 2016


We love Valentine’s Day around here. Daddy always goes over and above on gifts which just happens to be my love language. Thank ya Jesus! This year he got me the cutest gold bracelet and it had JB+RB. Its etched in it like it would look like if it was etched on to a tree.. Kinda sloppy and the gold is the hammered look.. SOOO CUTE!!!!! Love it.. Ryan gets the girls little gifts too which they are all about. Always the cutest little trinkets. 

About 7 years ago, we started staying home on Valentines Night and we love it. I make a yummy dinner and we all dress up and eat with a hundred candles lit. ITS THE BEST!!!! The girls love it. We even skip paper plates on this night. No paper cups. We get the best plates out that we have. Thank you Crate and Barrel. Wine glasses come, we toast each other and CHEERS!!!! The girls love it. 

This year we wrote love notes to each other (why didn’t I take pictures of that???:( ) and we took turn reading them to each other while Skylar continued on her 2nd plate of Spaghetti. LOL.  Ryan and I both got sappy and couldn’t even get through all of them without crying. We just love our girls so much. Its a fun night and something we all look forward too every year. img_5257

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