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2015 Christmas Fun

The holidays have come and gone. boooooooooohoooooo:( Now, its cold, foggy and rainy for no reason at all and its depressing!!!!!!! Its just fun during months of November and December. Anybody else feel that way?

We had a fun few months with friends and family. Skylar, especially was fun this year with all the Christmas events.. She told me hourly how pretty the Christmas tree was and that the lights are hot. We sang Happy Birthday Jesus and Silent Night about 39 times before bedtime. Actually, we do that everynight. Not kidding. Skylar has always loved those 2 specific songs. Also, we watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas about 4 times a day. That was definitely the movie of this Christmas for us. Ryan made us his special crack, I mean Nutella cookies pretty much every few nights. And I’m not even mad about it. We had several impromptu dance parties on the table to Mariah Carey’s, “All I want for Christmas is you”. One of our favorite traditions is letting the kids open a wrapped book every night starting Dec. 1st. and reading together as a family I would be lying if i said we didn’t miss night. oops.. . Overall, it was a relaxing Christmas vacation and many memories were made with my sweet little family.

Our elves, Colby and Chloe decided to come back, but they had ebola and weren’t their usual selves:(


Micah and I also did our annual goody bags to hand out to the homeless. It gets more and more special each year as she gets older and understands it. God is using her to bless others and she thinks thats pretty cool.

IMG_8866 1

little assembly line putting the bags together. Skylar wanted to help too:)

little assembly line putting the bags together. Skylar wanted to help too:)

My sweet family in Old Town enjoying the lights and the 17 fake snow flurries that they blew down. Thx SacTown, you shouldn’t have. (I miss home and real winter)

My sweet family in Old town, enjoying the lights and the 17 fake flurries that they blew down. :)

Micah started a new school this past fall and we are so in love with all the staff and the kids. It really does feel like another family. She got to perform in her first Christmas Production and she was over the moon. That girl rehearsed the heck out of her songs and even had the courage to try out to sign with the senior sign team for a song. Its a huge deal at our school, something they do with excellence. She didn’t make it and their were tears, from both of us. I actually went into the bathroom and curled up in a ball and bawled. I mean, like literally lost my self for a few minutes. It was not easy to see your little girl experience her first real disappointment and hear her say “I wasn’t good enough”.. ohhhh lawd.. gonna stop right now or starbucks gonna have to intervene over here in the corner. Anyway, lesson learned and she’ll be trying out again next opportunity. She’s such a trooper.



looking too grown up!!!!

looking too grown up!!!!

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Remember those impromptu dance parties I mentioned above?? Oh yeeeeeah, got some of them on video.. This 1st video is absolutely my favorite cause it has my niece in it. She’s not shy, but she is little more reserved than my Micah and tried for several hours to find my phone and delete this video. Someday, she will thank me for posting it:) And Whitney!!!! Need I say more?!?!?!? She just makes me come alive. Just gotta dance!!! But seriously, she’s my all time favorite. Makes me sad that she is no longer here;(. Again, tears. For the love, Jada! ok.. Pulling it together.

And then it was Christmas Zumba time!!!!!!!!!!

My husband and I are always looking for opportunities to give. God has blessed us over and above and its such a honor to just pass it on to others. A few months ago, God placed a family on my heart as I was praying that God would show me a family that we could love on and shower with gifts… Who doesn’t like receiving presents? I’m not gonna lie, I’m a huge fan of gifts!! Its my love language, just FYI. We did some fb stalking to figure out likes and stuff about them, etc. it’s a family we don’t even know well, but had met a few times. It’s been fun and a blessing to love on them like this and sure will bring some extra smiles.. Micah said as we were running the gifts from the car to their porch trying to be quiet, but both of us was so giddy that we should do this every year!! And a new tradition has now been born!!!!

this was actually our 1st stop, dropping off little tokens of our love to some new and forever friends

this was actually our 1st stop, dropping off little tokens of our love to some new and forever friends



us little elves:)

Even though this post is after Christmas, I hope your Christmas was full of love. “Christmas is a togethery sort of holiday,” said Pooh. “That’s my favorite kind,” said Piglet. I couldn’t agree more. 

Merry Christmas,